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    Welcome to your number one source for news, reviews and interviews. Since our re-launch in 2016, we have grown to become a leading competitor to the bigger publications. We have a strong focus on providing our readers with the highest quality reviews on gaming gear, appliances, health and fitness and anything else that picks Jonas' interest. Sit back, relax and enjoy your new Armchair Empire!

    Recent News & Blogs From Jonas

    Intel i9 CPU, a Glimpse at the Future?
    "Wow". That's all I could think when I heard about the new Intel i9 processor for the first time. Just[...]
    NVIDIAs Latest Graphics Cards What Makes Them So Good?
    The Titan X and GeForce GTX 10x series of graphics cards are the latest from NVidia, all of which are[...]
    Retiring Set: TIE Fighter (75095)
    One of the iconic vessels from the Star Wars franchise, the TIE Fighter was bound to be a popular Lego[...]
    Retiring Set: The Lighthouse Siege (70594)
    The Ninjago line of Lego sets has been a pretty great story to watch unfold. The series was originally planned[...]
    Best Online Resources For PC Gaming
    The foremost work of technological invention and indeed inventions in the other fields is actually not to wow us and[...]
    Crunchyroll Is Getting Into Mobile Gaming
    Taking into consideration the anime tv shows, guest licensed shows, and other media owned by Crunchyroll you can tell the[...]
    Gaming While Driving? It’s Possible – Soon.. I think?
    Gaming while driving - it's never been possible. It's illegal in most countries. Using your mobile phone while driving is[...]
    The Classic Slots Concept Still Entertaining 21st Century Players
    When you see row upon row of brightly lit slot machines lined up on casino floors, in locations as far[...]



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